How it works?

Before we begin, here’s some common questions that you may have.

Sign up for Flowy

Reach out to and ask to get on our beta list or fill up the form on our website. Our team will reach out to you and enroll you into our beta programme. Once set up, you can install our bot “Flowy” from the Slack App Store. Here’s the steps after this:

  1. 1. Install “Flowy” into your Slack workspace.
  2. 2. SIgnup for Flowy at our the Floworks Console
  3. 3. Link your apps to the console. Right now we support Gmail, Google Calendar, Hubspot and Salesforce.
  4. 4. And now you’re done and ready to supercharge your productivity

Let's start with the fun stuff

1. Can you set up a Calendar meeting just from Slack?

Flowy helps you leverage all the abilities of your Google Calendar, all by talking to it in plain simple English. See this illustration to check out how it works:

2. How about sending a simple update email from Slack?

You can directly work with your email in Slack and send emails to your colleagues and supervisors. Let’s see a simple example first.

3. Let’s try a more complex example. Can you get data from your CRM and send an update to your team?

Flowy provides a unique interface with all your work applications. If you connect your Hubspot/Salesforce CRM with Flowy, you can send emails and calendar invites with context to your CRM data. Let’s see an example

4. Can you use the CRM from Flowy too? Of course!

Here’s how we can create an account in Hubspot CRM and add contacts to it. And then send an email to a colleague regarding the update. All in one flow.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with what you can achieve with Flowy. Here’s some more examples of our capabilities.

Teleport yourself to the future of workplace productivity with Flowy today!

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