We are happy to announce our USD 1.5 Million funding from YCombinator and SenseAI.
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Sales Made Easy

From Outreach to Onboarding, automateyour entire Salespencil-strokeProcess


Avoid expensive Lead Generation

Lead generation with SDRs is expensive and time consuming. Achieve the same results at 7x lower costs using our AI-SDR. Hire it to automate everything from emails to following ups to booking sales meetings. It works 24/7 ensuring engaged prospects receive replies instantly, be it any time of the day.

See how Floworks reduced lead generation costs for Ayna by 75%.
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Better Conversion and CRM hygiene

Generic outreach and a poorly maintained CRM are the biggest hurdles to sales. Our AI-SDR, crafts tailored messages that resonate with your prospects, increasing engagement, improving reply rates and driving higher conversions. At the same time, she logs everything in your CRM for better pipeline visibility across the board.

See how Floworks helped Unscript achieve a 40% increase in conversion rates.
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Stop losing easy sales

Leads slipping through the cracks can cost you a lot of business. Our AI tracks all engaged leads and keeps them warm by ensuring follow-ups, answering questions, setting up sales calls and reminding sales reps of any missed actions, making sure that every prospect keeps moving through the sales pipeline efficiently.

See how Floworks helped Fiddlecube reduce lost opportunities by 60%.
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Designed for productivity

Using Flowy, you can do all your work in Slack. Create emails, update CRMs, and set up meetings just with chat.

We use our proprietary Large Action Model, ThorV2 to power Flowy. It is our most advanced model, that beats current state of the art LLMs like GPT-4o and Claude-3 Opus in accuracy, latency, cost and reliability. Experience a productivity revolution like never before.

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It just works!

See Flowy in action.

Experience a revolution in sales with Flowy. Seamlessly integrate your work apps into a single interface, supercharge your efficiency and drive revenue growth.

The future is here!

Floworks is proud to be one of the flagbearers of the #GenerativeAI revolution

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