Floworks was founded by Sarthak Shrivastava and Sudipta Biswas in 2021.

Floworks was established with the unique aim of enhancing human ingenuity at workplaces. The founders, boasting substantial experience in their respective fields, personally felt the detrimental effect today's software were having on their productivity. They recognized that the software of today, rather than facilitating, was often obstructing our progress. The founders resolved to change this. Throughout this journey, we have been aptly supported by visionaries of startup ecosystem, including YC. They successfully built a founding team from:

Our Advisors
Arvind Neelakanthan
Research Lead & Manager
Ruchir Godura
Director, Enterprise Accounts Sales

Arvind is a renowned figure in the field of large language models, presently serving as the Research Lead at OpenAI. He is notably recognized for his significant contribution to the invention and authorship of the groundbreaking GPT-3. Before his tenure at OpenAI, he honed his expertise in the area of language research while leading efforts at Google Brain. His career is distinguished by his pioneering work and innovative approach to the development and evolution of large language models.

Ruchir is a seasoned sales executive and business leader, with deep experience in managing SaaS/Enterprise software sales in India and the US, especially in bringing complex new technologies to market. Currently with, Ruchir previously held senior positions including CMO Airtel Enterprise Services, SVP of Sales Telsima (acquired by Harris Stratex / Aviat), Vice President of South Asia for Vidyo and founder and CEO of WiMAX startup Maverick Wireless.

The Crew
Sudipta Biswas
Sarthak Shrivastava
Shival Gupta
Director of Engineering
Narun Yadav
Software Engineer
Soumo Deep Nandy
Marketing Manager
Ritik Baba
Software Engineer
Aman Pawar
Software Engineer
Nirav Bhan
Senior ML Scientist
Agnish Mukherjee
Software Engineer
Hillori Desai
Software Engineer
Sai Manaswini Reddy I
Machine Learning Scientist
Our Investors
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