We are happy to announce our USD 1.5 Million funding from YCombinator and SenseAI.
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An AI that talks with all your work apps

At Floworks, we want to take software and applications back to what they were meant to do - assist and aid humans without putting us through the endless cycles of learning and relearning.

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Work Made Easy

Meet Flowy, an AI-powered assistant for your sales team and your new best friend

Reduce your cognitive load

Floworks just works. Use Slack to communicate with all of your work apps. Update your CRM on Hubspot. Set up Google Calendar meetings. Use emails. It all works smoothly and interoperably using our proprietary technology.

Do things faster

Experience productivity like never before with Flowy, the dynamic chatbot from Floworks. Designed to streamline your workflow, Flowy swiftly automates routine tasks and presents key data instantaneously, enabling faster, more informed decisions - all to redefine the pace of your business.

Increase team performance

By enabling conversational control and data access seamlessly, Flowy empowers your team to focus on what truly matters - strategic decisions and creativity, thus igniting a surge in productivity and teamwork that drives exceptional results.

Designed for productivity

Using Flowy, you can do all your work in Slack. Create emails, update CRMs, and set up meetings just with chat.


As simple as talking

Optimized for natural language conversations, Flowy picks up nuances and contexts better than any other chatbot.


Like a part of your team

With a powerful Slack integration, Flowy becomes just as accessible as any other co-worker.


Meeting and Email Fatigue?

That is a thing of the past. Communicating in simple plain English is the new way to work, for everyone.


Where did that lead go?

Someone forgot to update the CRM? Not anymore. Flowy will do it for you, and keep you updated.

We use the transformative power of Generative AI to power Flowy. You can talk to the bot in any way you like, and our language models will get your work done easily. Experience productivity like you've never before.

It just works!

See Flowy in action.

Experience a revolution in sales with Flowy. Seamlessly integrate your work apps into a single interface, supercharge your efficiency and drive revenue growth.

For Leaders

Floworks streamlines data access from various work apps, aiding in effective decision-making and strategy planning for sales leaders.

For Managers

For sales managers, Floworks centralizes communication and automates tasks, boosting efficiency in team management and customer interaction.

For Account Reps

Sales account reps benefit from Floworks unified interface for seamless task management, lead tracking, and efficient client communication.

The future is here!

Floworks is proud to be one of the flagbearers of the #GenerativeAI revolution

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